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Our Services

Our Services are mainly classified into the following categories:

1. Piling /Shore Protection Activities, Pile Driving
. Pile Extraction
. Drilled Shaft/bored pile
. Foundation piling
. Shore Protection piling


2. Civil Construction
. Civil Construction Design, Building and Renovation of Existing Structures, Shoreline Protection Structures, Bond Walls, Steel and Timber Structural works, Jetty Construction, Drainage and Landscaping Works etc.
. Civil Engineering Project Feasibility and Development studies.


3. Production Operations
. Flow station and well head operations
. Greasing of well head and process valves
. Flowline and pipeline leak repair
. Well head upgrade
. Manifold inspection and maintenance
. Maintenance of diesel and natural gas powered generators


4. Engineering & Maintenance Services
· Land/Swamp Flowline/pipelines construction and Leak repair
. Construction of steel structures, steel storage tanks and vessels
· Cathodic protection design, construction, installation and maintenance
. Plant turn-around maintenance
. Repair and maintenance of onshore/swamp pipelines of all sizes


5. Asset Integrity Management
. Pipeline pigging operations
. Pressure Testing/Commissioning
· Pressure Vessel Cleaning, Inspection and Repairs
· Corrosion Cleaning (Grit Blasting) and Painting
. Utility Systems


6. Project Management/Consultancy Services.
Project planning, management and support.
. Project Control
. Material Control
. Inspection
. Construction Management
. Procurement expediting services
. Commissioning and Start Up


7. Field Services
. Vendor Inspection
. As-built drawing and Inspection
. Materials handling
. Right-Of-Way and Site Acquisition and Damage Settlements
. Permits - Federal, State, City and Foreign Utility Crossings


8. Procurement Services
2-4 REAL SERVICES LIMITED have the capability to procure and deliver civil construction materials and equipment needed in the day-to-day operations of the Construction, Manufacturing and Oil & Gas industries. Our services involve both local and international sourcing of specific needs of our clients, e.g.
Leasing/Maintenance of Land Construction Equipment.
Leasing I Maintenance of Swamp Construction Equipment.
House Boats
Swamp Buggies
Little Giants On pontoons
Tug boats
Land Logistics Support Services.
Land Logistic Support.
Low Bed Trailers
Self Loaders
Pick-up trucks
Flat bed trailers
Low Loaders
Swamp Logistic Support Services.
Flat bed barges
Ramp barges
Crew boats
Supply Vessels